Florence, Italy

Michael & Katie

The taste of love and romance Italy has in its bones is simply intoxicating. Hands down this has to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever traveled. That, partnered with such a beautiful couple like Michael & Katie, made it one of the most life changing trips I have had. I had such a blast photographing their big day.

The Wedding of Savannah Kate Bridges & Wayland Morgan

I felt as though this day would never come. I can't imagine I was anticipating it nearly as much as my beautiful bride and friend, Savannah Kate, but I knew I was pretty close to loosing my mind from excitement. I've known Savannah since I first began my career in photography. Completely blown away when I first saw her work online, I knew for sure that I had to contact her. Well I did, and as it turned out, we both became fans of each others work. Lacking the confidence in myself, I figured it was simply her being the nice and sweet girl that she is. But nope, I was wrong and she became one of the most influential and talented people in my life that actually looked at my work and saw potential. And so she invested. She truly invested in me. I was so shocked when she even decided to collaborate and do a photo-shoot with me. The day of the shoot she told me she wanted her boyfriend, Wayland, to make sure I'm there to shoot hi proposal to her. Like WOAH. I couldn't believe she was serious. Well, sure enough around a year later I got a text from Wayland saying it was time and he was going to propose to her. I never imagined I'd have the honor of shooting their wedding, yet here we are. Wayland and Savannah, I'm so honored to know you both as the beautiful and wholesome people you are. I can't thank you enough for investing in the little 17 year old kid who barely knew how to use his camera. I pray you enjoy the rest of your lives together, truly as a happily ever after... Enjoy! :)

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Wayland Morgan's Proposal to Savannah Kate

Just yesterday, I was graced with the opportunity to capture an incredibly important moment for two extraordinary people. You can feel the love the have for each other the minute you step foot in there presence. The entire shoot I felt such a strong sense of peace and pure joy around them; a type of love Im sure anyone aspires to create with someone. Savannah Kate has always been such an inspiration to me in regards to the breathtaking work she produces with her photography. Today we celebrate the coming together of two individuals with the proposition of being one for the rest of their lives. May God, bless your relationship and the beautiful family you two are going to have. Congratulations Savannah and Wayland!

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